Charleston Travel Diary

Charleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiCharleston Travel Diary | Coconut and ConfettiHappy Monday! This past weekend was super exciting for Jake and I because we drove to Charleston, SC to get our engagement photos taken! We tried to leave early Saturday morning so that we would have time to spend the day on the beach before our session that night, but as soon as we got in the car Jake’s check engine light started flashing. After driving around town trying to find a mechanic that could squeeze us in, we figured out that one of his spark plugs had gone bad. No one had any appointments available so we found the tools we needed and Jake stood in a parking lot replacing a spark plug. A couple hours later, we were finally able to get on the road and make it to Charleston just in time to get ready and go get our pictures taken! It was pretty stressful so I’m thankful Jake was able to fix everything and save our weekend! I got a few preview pictures from our photographer already and I’m in looooove! I can’t wait to post them all here for you guys to see, so stay tuned! In case anyone is looking for an engagement/wedding photographer, definitely check out @annafduncan! She was so sweet and made us feel so comfortable, I seriously don’t have a single complaint about her. I’m so excited to see the rest of our pictures!

For now, here are a few pictures I took while we were walking around downtown Sunday afternoon before heading back home. We spent most of our time near the Battery, French Quarter, and Rainbow Row since neither of us have ever really explored that area much! The weather ended up being beautiful and everything worked out perfectly so no complaints from me! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and as always, thanks for reading!

xo, Chelsea

Fall Essentials

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here! Since today is the first official day of autumn, I wanted to share some of my fall essentials! Fall is by far my favorite season (isn’t it everyone’s?) so I’m super excited for all of the things that accompany the cooler season (especially the clothes and pumpkin spice flavored everything!). I linked some of my favorite items in each category so be sure to let me know what your favorites are below! Also, if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see next, let me know!

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I'm ENGAGED | Coconut and Confetti

I'm ENGAGED | Coconut and Confetti

I'm ENGAGED | Coconut and Confetti

I'm ENGAGED | Coconut and ConfettiHi everyone! I have some exciting news to share this week…I’m ENGAGED! This past Labor Day weekend, Jake and I spent a few days at the beach and he surprised me with a proposal! I’m so grateful to have such a loving, generous man like him in my life and I couldn’t be more excited to start this next chapter with him. We plan to travel to Charleston sometime this month to get engagement photos taken, but I hope you enjoy these few pictures we took over the weekend!

Thanks for reading and I hope you are all enjoying your week! Let me know in the comments below what you did for Labor Day weekend!
xo, Chelsea

Fall Reading List

Fall Reading List | Coconut and Confetti

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m sorry its been a little while since my last post, I have been pretty overwhelmed with the school year starting and getting everything in order. This summer I started getting back into reading every night, so I want to continue that habit throughout the fall! Today I’m going to be sharing six books that are on my fall reading list! Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you’ve had a chance to read any of these books below!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert | I have seen this book on so many other reading lists so I wanted to pick it up myself! The same author wrote Eat, Pray, Love, which has always been a favorite of mine.

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore | Drew was always one of my favorite actresses so I’m really excited to read this!

Barbarian Days, a Surfing Life by William Finnegan | The description of this book really sparked my interest when I saw it online, so I definitely think this will be an interesting read especially on the beach!

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt | I’m currently reading this right now and I’m hooked. If you like art or New York City, I would pick this up!

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan | I’d recommend reading the synopsis of this book on Amazon, I can’t wait to read it.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub | This read will be perfect for one of the many beach trips I have planned over the next couple of months!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

xo, Chelsea

My Favorite Script Fonts


Favorite Script Fontsbromello | angeline vintage | better together | sunbreath | paduka script | kg eyes wide open | chasing embers | lucemita | monica script | pennelino

Happy Tuesday! This week I wanted to share my top 10 favorite (free) script fonts! All of the fonts are linked above and are free for personal use! They are also available for purchase if you plan to use them commercially. To install them, just click on the links above and click on the download button. From there, you can open the file, double click on the font, and click install! Let me know what some of your favorite fonts are, and enjoy the rest of your week!

xo, Chelsea

A Weekend in Greenville | Travel Guide

A Weekend in Greenville | Travel GuideHi everyone! It’s been over a week since my last post (which you can read here) so I wanted to share a weekend travel guide for Greenville, South Carolina! There’s so much to do and even more to eat (which is my fav part, haha!). I’ve put together a list of everything I would recommend doing/seeing/eating there for a weekend or even if you’re just passing through for a bite to eat! Side note, some of the events I mention below only take place during the summer so be mindful of that if you plan on visiting in the future!

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Everyday Skincare Routine

Everyday Skincare Routine | Coconut and Confetti

Hi friends! As of lately I’ve been adding a lot of new products to my skincare routine so I wanted to share what I use with you! I tend to have pretty sensitive, normal/combination skin but finding the right products for my skin has always been such a struggle. so hopefully I can save you all some trouble finding good products in the future! Both my morning and night routines are pretty similar, so I’m just going to list everything I use below for both morning and night. The products I only use at night are the masks, night creams, and scrubs; everything else I use twice a day!

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